New here keeping my options open

Hi !
I am currently looking for a work from home job that is flexible and will give me more income. I’ve worked in the department of corrections as an officer in past and am currently working in the pharmaceutical manufacturing business. I work 12 hour shifts plus a lot of overtime and would like to find a way to work from home bringing in a steady stream of income. Tired of the rat race and just working to live .

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Welcome to the forum! I hear you about the rat race, but there is a lot for you to think through. The 'rat race' is providing you with steady income, probably health insurance, sick days and/or vacation days, a 401k or other pension plan and probably some other perks that just don't come with Independent Contractor status--which is what you are if you are a shopper.

Do a budget of what your minimum cost of living would be. Figure that an average mystery shop will provide you with $12-15 in fee plus value of the reimbursement. How many shops per week will you have to find to cover your minimum cost of living? For most of us, mystery shopping is a supplement to another source of income. (Spousal income, Social Security, a 9-5 job, retirement savings, etc.)
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