Returning to Mysing after 15 years or so.

I'm in the UK, are anyone else? I live in the North East, and did my first visit today for over a decade at a bird sanctuary and thankfully the weather held good. So did my memory, hooray!

I've done seed mail for years with the company that offered me this, and they've just got back in touch. I'm very happy that they're PAYE so no tax return to worry about. This is increasingly rare.

Still have two kids at home but they're off to uni next year and I'm ramping things up to bring in money when they're gone, my old RAF pension won't be enough.

Am very interested to know if anyone's here from the old MSUK forum. I'd love to say hi.

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Hello, I am happy to meet you! Does the UK have many mystery shops? Signed, Night Owl at 9:20 pm
PAYE is a system in the UK where the exact amount of tax is taken from your check regardless of who your employer is. That's why there is no tax return, you pay the correct amount as you go. Not all UK companies participate however. It is not a system to skip paying taxes.
Open mouth insert foot? Never hurts to know the facts before displaying lack of knowledge.

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