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Before the buyout with Spar, I did a number of movie standees for Marketforce. The did not pay too much but I really enjoyed doing them. I have not seen any assignments since the buyout. Does anyone know any companies that offer this kind of work?

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MFI still does theater assignments. I completed 2 standee installs on 5/9 and doing an trailer check tomorrow at a drive-in.

Shopping Central MA
The best company to do standees for is Deluxe. They assign you a theater and any assignments that come through that theater are routed to you. They also pay better than any other company that assigns standees. I have done the standees at the same theater for about three years.
Hey toolguy, thanks for the info, Deluxe was offering theater standee assignments near me so I applied. They do pay well, don't they!
I've seen plenty of standee assignments in the MN area. Does anyone with experience know if the assignments really take two people like the instructions say?
I have done standees marked as "difficult" where two people were recommended. I have done some of these by myself. Sometimes a step stool or chair is needed if the display is tall. Some of the displays are akward in size or length but I was able to do it. Look at the photos and instructions attached to the assignment. Some do require two people because of size.
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