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Anyone looking to work for free without payment. SNAP is hundred percent FRAUD.

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What stores does SNAP work with? Perhaps someone should let their partner stores know about this. A little pressure on the stores to not renew their contracts might wake SNAP up.
Is there something I can assist with? I am the VP for Snap Audits. We pay everyone unless there is an unresolved Quality Control issue or a problem with you tax information.
@guysmom wrote:

Retailmerc, I got my check yesterday for the 3 Walmarts I did checking the vacuum cleaners in May, so I'm all caught up. And I agree, it's not all fraud. Some have not had good experiences with SNAP, so I can understand their great caution. But so far, for the few jobs I've done with them, I have been paid. If anything along that line ever changes, I wouldn't work for them anymore, but so far, it's OK. Hope you get all your payments soon!

Same here!
Seems all the Cast work went to Snap audits.. Imagine that.
They didn't want to pay all the mileage and wages so they made the shell company Snap Audits....
The regular coverable work goes to Cast workers first and Snap Audit workers get the left overs, actually
Not really Spicy all the Walmart and Bissell work have been going to Snap Audits in my area. Toysrus and Sam's club are the only thing going to Cast.

I think it depends on what area you are in actually...
That's possible, coolhandluke74. I've never asked. The regional manager calls me for assignments and I usually take them. I don't know anyone in my area that works for Cast or Snap Audits, I live in an anal area when it comes to merchandisers. They're not exactly share-sy-ish. I have to really try hard to get them to even talk to me or each other. There's just a handful of merchandisers that I know from the area where we exchanged emails, phone numbers and jobs we can't take, most others are walking through a revolving door. The woman who trained me for Acosta said none of the other merchandisers she sees speak to her, even others that work for Acosta. She seemed sad about that. However, when we were talking about the new resetters for United Grocers, she said two of them came of to talk to her and asked her about what she does for Acosta. She said to me that she thought they were nosey and it was none of their business....and....they should mind their own business and she seemed angry. Weird!. Soooo, there ya go! I say hi and try and talk to all of them, even if just momentarily.

Yea, I did the Bissell and recently the Purnell. I just love those assignments. I tell my area manager to give ALL of those assignments to me, even the travel ones, or none at all; I get them all. One of the areas that has been said, on this forum, that Snap Audits isn't allowed to do business in happens to be the area in which I live so I know a lot of info about them is just bull$hit.
Snap Audits and Cast Retail are the same company. I have heard about Cast giving Snap contracted work. But the person at the head of Snap also is involved with Cast.
@slcanty4236 wrote:

Snap Audits and Cast Retail are the same company. I have heard about Cast giving Snap contracted work. But the person at the head of Snap also is involved with Cast.

And....what is your point? Lots of companies have subsideries. Pepsi for example has their hands in a lot of things. It's all owned by pepsi.
@spicy1 wrote:

That's what the 13 pages are about, that they are one in the same.

Except Cast, I believe, is employee-based for payment, and SNAP is Independent Contractor-based.

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Cast made Snap because they didn't want to keep paying all the mileage and could dictate what could be paid out. Kinda shady but Cast does not have a good tract record throughout the years.
Anyone else complete the Hershey's pallet skirts? What a hoax!!!!!

For me, it was a complete nightmare. There wasn't a pallet skirt, there were seven pallet skirts, totaling at least 75 pounds in one large box! The store won't pull crap from the steel and even if they did, this assignment paid $11.50. I had to get the pallet jack from the backroom and they had placed the pallets together and on it's side so you could only put the jack halfway in or it wouldn't lift. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE helped me wrap that little %#$#er even though there were far more employees than customers and they said I could only keep the pallet in the aisle for 3 mintes. Any question I asked was NO: can you scan for the pallets in the steel...there are no available scanners.....can you pull the pallet from the steel.....there are no available forklifts......can you print a price tag......those are done in the office, no one is in the office......can you put this pallet in a feature, it's too early in the there anything you can/do do? NO, this is a self-serve warehouse, help yourself or get out!!!!!

This company paying $11.50 for a $35 assignment has given Hershey's a bad name and I will spread it and never, ever, ever, ever, ever work for this company again!
I'm not sure. I heard another company got them but I don't know. I know that another company got the 7-11 gift card resets and they pay EVEN LESS!!!! No way I would take them at the rate the new company is paying. I could work a day a month at McDonalds and make more.
@spicy1 At last we both are on same page regarding Snap smiling smiley

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Well, not in regards to pay, because in my experience if you do the work and report it correctly you do get paid. But, as far as their desire to pay what a job is worth, they can kiss my lilly-white arse!
I loved the CVS gift card assignments but could not stomach all of the stuff CAST was pulling. So I quit. My managers at my CVS stores asked me to stay, but I couldn't stand the constant changing of the area managers (or TOMS or whatever they went by) and the fact that support closed before I could even get out to the stores to work. Oddly, SNAP tried to recruit me right afterward. No thanks.
Sounds like the general consensus is that Snap is not really a company of choice (as in low pay and undesirable jobs) ? I signed up with them recently but only got part way through the process and they are already hounding me with emails and phone calls so ... yeah.
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