Could someone please help me out? I am new to merchandising. I was sent instructions to merchandise a gift card rack. Some of the terms are confusing to me. For example, what is a facing? If I have anymore questions I will be adding them as a response to this post. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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If you look at a rack and you can see 3 items on each of 3 rows, there are 9 "facings". A gift card rack is likely to have, for example, 9 pegs for the cards to go onto. You could perhaps put 20 cards on a peg. The rack would still have 9 facings even if you filled it full of 180 cards. I don't do merchandising, but back 'in the day' when I was mystery shopping 40 years ago a lot of the jobs we did were to count the facings for specific products in stores because the corporations pay the stores for display space often by the facings involved.
Also I am performing the Green Dot Program I believe. Can someone that's experienced with this help me out on what to expect? This is my first time doing this. I was told it should only take 20 minutes. Am I only paying attention to the gift cards with concerned with the Green Dot Program or everything?

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