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I would like to get more merchandizing jobs to go along with my shopping. My biggest problem I need lite work, I cannot lift anything over 20 pounds and stand for a whole day so a lot of this stuff of work is out of the question. So, does anyone have some good leads on lite mechanizing work. Any help you ladies can give would be welcome with a heart of gratitude.

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I use to work for Hallmark many years ago , but had to quit because that is when I injury my back so badly. I have be trying to get back on with them this last year but no work in my area. Thanks for the suggetion anyway.
If you could do the sampling, at Sam's Club, Crossmark is hiring for that. If you could do the sampling, at Costco, Advantage is hiring for that. There is an "accomodation" question and you can tell them that you need to sit periodically. There's a merchandising here who sits on his butt for most of his work, he's rather large and he, somehow, has work all the time.
I had stay away from demos because I cannot stand the four hours most demos take. But I will look into botjh of them. Thanks Spicy1
There are lots of companies that don't require heavy lifting as a rule, but occasionally may get a shipping box in that is over 35 lbs. In those cases you can usually ask a receiving / back room employee to get it into a cart for you. Most of these jobs include stocking shelves with things like prepaid cards, toys or videos. Check out RMS, Match Converge and Revenue Creations. Also Viabella (formerly Marion Heath) services cards in Menards and some independent outlets.
Thanks for all the tips Boutique. I have look at Natural Inside and Set and Service. I do have a small lite merchizing job this moring for Natural Inside. I have also done one other job for them last month at USA Muphys the gas station out side of WalMark . The other compancy always has to much lifting on their jobs for my back. I will check out everything all you ladies have told me about.
Just filled a appication for two places with them . Will let you know if anything happens. With American Greetings that is

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I haven't worked for them, but I always thought Lawrence Merchandising must be light work. There's a company that orders the replacement cosmetics, some toys and for a few other companies in the Albertson's stores here and that is SUPER easy; when I remember the name I'll let you know. Also, I always thought the cookie and cracker people had it made because you could just open the boxes and stuff them all in a basket so essentially you would only need to carry one box of cookies or crackers at a time. I think Kelloggs may hire directly for that?
Just applyed , I use to work for them many years back infact . I know it has be since 2007 when I hurt my back so bad. So we will see what happens.
Natural Inside ? Never heard of them, do you mean Natural Insights ? That isn't a company but rather a reporting platform/site. I have 4 companies that use NI for reporting.
The InStore Group uses Natural Insights. But, they're I.C. and super, super, super, super cheap.
Lawrence is light work from what I have experienced. Mostly small displays like gift cards, toys, electronics etc. Good company to work for, very responsive to questions and scheduling conflicts. One of my favorites, but not one of the higher paying ones.
There is no lite mc work in card service. NO way NO how. The boxes of cards weigh a LOT. You could apply for the companies listed on the forum and tell them you can't lift heavy things.
Forget about Lawrence. takes days to apply and then you have to jump through some hoops etc. They are a joke to work for.
Of the merchandising companies that require independent contractor status, "applying" is very much like most of the mystery shopping companies "application process; online, on their website, fill out your name, address and some other basic information and if there's work in your area you click the radio button and you're up and running. With Lawrence, Acosta, Crossmark and other companies where they hire you as an employee the process is not as easy; and it shouldn't be. They need to make sure you are who you say you are and hopefully drug test you (unlike many companies who do not) so you don't make a mess of their (and my) reputation. There are categories of merchandising companies and Lawrence is one of the bottom feeders for sure, but if you're broke you can work for them and get away with doing the minimal amount it is to survive.
I have fulled out a application with Crossmark , Lawence , Hallmark who I use to work for until I had the back injury. I will check with Acosta. Thanks Ladies for all the tips.
What ??

I disagree. LMS is a good company to work for with varied projects and they are not paying one of the lowest rates either.

Forget about Lawrence. takes days to apply and then you have to jump through some hoops etc. They are a joke to work for.[/quote]
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