the Source deactivated me!!

I submitted a request for a job and then my account was deactivated. I have never worked for them before and they offered no explanation as to why. No response to my inquiry either. Bummer

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Did you get your Background check (they are sticklers for that on certain jobs).

Live consciously....
I didn't! Maybe that's why! Wonder why they didn't explain why the decided to do that
I'd say it's up to us to read over their site and follow procedure, they really can't tell everyone what to do, it's very clear on the site what they require.

Live consciously....
They said that I have another account and can only have one. But I don't know of any other account with them. Maybe they are affiliated with another company that I am signed up for.

If your ISP is connected to another shopper you can be out in an instant.
Right!! If someone else in your household is also signed up with The Source and using the same computer you signed up with, that could definitely cause an issue. If so, call them and explain.
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