Certified Field Associate unprofessional v2

I found out lately that a complaint was filed against me for how myself and wife acted when doing a standee installation. There are three initial problems with the complaint:

I don't bring anyone much less my wife to do installs.
I am always thanked when I am done and therefore could not have been rude as reported.
I always take a photo and have yet to submit one that was "trashed." as described.

I met with the GM today and found out that the only complaint at the location I do installs for was against a woman, not a man, much less a couple and involving something completely different than an install.

Likewise, I found out the name of the location on the complaint is different than the location I do work at.

CFA is not allowing me to defend myself or using any form of evidence to validate this manufactured complaint against me. This is being done repeatedly through phone calls hanging up on me with no intent to repair the situation after I did contracts since 2006. This is highly unprofessional and not "serious" as they stated. This is ridiculous. What's worse is the woman the GM referenced still works there!

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It gets better.... I checked my emails and have no email for being entered into a project in or around that time. Not even a month before hand. Also, I have assignment bonus emails almost to the end of the same month I was deactivated. Supposedly, I was reported and deactivated on July 1st, 2016.
This all happened a year ago? I was responding based on the assumption that this just happened. Maybe work for the other company that has movie assignments. A year is a long arse time later to be dealing with this kind of issue. Id say, at this point, its pretty much a mute point, wouldnt you?
I was fired by a company because I was mistaken for someone else and a complaint was filed. No amount of explaining did any good. Even pointing out the fact that the other person wore a name tag and I did not did not do any good. Actually, I may have lost the job because I pointed out the fact that wanting a woman to work 8 hurs without taking a break is against the laws of the state that I live in. Also, I think they wanted younger people and I am over 60.
Well, this is contract work not hourly work, so those rules doesn't apply in the same way. I've never had a problem calling anyone at the office personally. This does sound really weird.
Maybe the OP and anniemaria will find better assignments now. Maybe they will be known for what they can do and get credit deserved for that. Here's hoping, anyway! smiling smiley

Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist. – René Magritte
From what I've seen, since I signed up, the assignments pay a pittance. I am a movie go'er and I see the displays, they are very compex, some of them anyway. I cannot justify the time to pay ratio. It is 3rd world pay, unless I've not been reading it correctly. I want to do them, too bad I cannot afford it.
I have stopped doing demos for many reasons.The company wanted 8 hours of work with no break; thewearing of gloves when working with dog food; denying that they require photos and no product and/or knowledge that the demo person was coming by the store. I also think that they want younger people in their 20s or younger.
anniemaria, have you found other types of jobs that replace the demo work that you used to do?

Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist. – René Magritte
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