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I do not work for them, starting pay is $10 an hour (in my area). I make more merchandising for other companies and MSing.
Yeah, the pay is too low. I looked into them and decided against it. I work for Advantage Solutions as an employee and have been with them for several years and I have gotten several raises. I do IC work for SPAR as well.
SASR is very easy to work for. Basically, if you show up and you don't mouth off to whoever the supervisor is (and it's not very often that it is a SASR Associate that is the supervisor, rather a different company like Premier or any variety of others) then it's an easy days work. Be sure to call for your check in time and fill out your paperwork everyday and have the supervisor sign it in case the supervisor gets canned (happens alot). SASR now has a "make offer" kind of thing. They're getting probably well over $25 an hour so don't settle for a lousy $11.50. No Merchandiser should make less than $13.00 an hour now that Walmart's starting pay is $10!
SPAR is I.C., whereas SASR is W-2 employment. So, SASR has to pay miles and SPAR won't give you crapola for mileage. However, SPAR does work during the holiday season for LEGO. LEGO called me for a job recently; they have very part-time except during the Holiday season when it is very full-time for about a month and a half. She had the nerve to offer me $10 an hour. I told her I'd rather not. SPAR will pay me $13 an hour to help whoever she hires and I will accidentally slip my hourly wage to them. Poor thing, she was exasperated!
Does anyone know if SAS, who is doing resets in Albertson's, is the same company as SASR? If not, does anyone know anything about SAS?
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