OSA Retail Services

Received an email from O.S.A Retail Services to join. Sent all my information got my sign on but still no work. Anyone work for them

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This company was founded in 2016. I'm pretty sure it's a spin-off of Match Converge or one of their flunkies. The 4 Google reviews are obviously fake and that picture the first reviewer posted is NOT of their company......so.....
I work for them. The merchandising position that I took is part time and program based. She explained it to me as they have vendors that send in a contract for locations and they react by pushing the jobs out to the dashboard for us to review and accept. A few times now, another merchandiser has accepted the work while I was reviewing and/or checking my schedule. What I like about this company is stacking there little and usually simple jobs with the one's I get through other companies.
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