What Companies Are Busy?

What companies are busy this year? My IC work has slowed to a crawl since Walmart booted just about everybody out. Not really a fan of Walmart, anyone busy outside of Walmart?

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Crossmark just got Hershey's. $14 an hour for a basic merchandising. Only have to do the top 10 candy bars in dept. 82 and grocery.
I don't see Crossmark on the list. Is there a list of Merchandising companies somewhere?

Happy Camper
This is the merchandising section.

@KagneyK wrote:

epmsonline is always busy! These are apartment mystery shops...
Kagney, merchandising is a nice way of supplementing your income. Some merchandising companies will hire you as an employee, others contract IC work. I work for a few different companies in addition to doing mystery shopping.
Great to know! Do you mind telling me what merchandising companies you got started out working with?
I do merchandising as an employee for Advantage Solutions and have been with them for 8 years. I do IC work for SPAR and Quest occasionally.

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Way back when I started over 25 years ago, it was with Huffy Service First(No longer in business, got bought out years ago) it was when merchandising companies would not let you work for more then one company, not like now where you can work for as many as you want, of course back then there weren't many merchandisers in any one area and you could get 40 or more hours a week and they paid mileage and travel time. I left them when there was no more work in my area. I have worked for Spar for 20 years. Other companies that I have worked for over the years are, a lot of them are no longer in business being bought out or just closed shop. National Megaforce, Best Merchandisers Oregon, Main & associates, CFM grocery resets, Crossmark, Driveline ,Premium, and about 10 others some that are no longer around.

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