Retail Acuity Recruiter - similar to old NARMS (WARES) - Sign Up Now!

Do you miss NARMS (WARES)? Are you looking for more merchandising jobs?

Go to [] to sign up for Retail Acuity Recruiter now so companies can email YOU when they have merchandising, demo, or brand ambassador jobs available in your area! Fill out your profile (it is easy and free) to tell member companies about who you are, your experience, and what types of jobs you are interested in. Companies can email you if they have jobs that match your interests, availability, and qualifications.

With the dissolution of NARMS (WARES), the leaders at Retail Acuity saw the need for an easy-to-use recruiting site for both job seekers and companies that have in-store servicing job openings. Unlike ZipRecruiter and Indeed, Retail Acuity Recruiter is designed ONLY for companies with in-store retail reps. Sign up now!

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