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Post removed as it violates the Forum guideline which states, "Do not reveal the clients of mystery shopping companies". You are welcome to repost, without the violation.

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Most people who do these audits once keep doing them. If you had to pay for the background check and go through the pain of training, why not just go ahead and keep doing them? I personally don't think they are my cup of tea. I have found many merchandising positions where I am an actual employee and I get paid an hourly wage, plus sometimes drive time and mileage, and those pay well above what the MSC you are talking about pays.
@OldSchool Hey! I did one of those audits and I just used my cell phone (it fits in my hand better anyway). It might be easier to see on an iPad because it's bigger, but I had no problems on my little cell phone. Also, I think you listed both the company and the client, so you might need to edit the title smiling smiley
OldSchool - you listed the MSC in the title and the name of the client in the last (humorous) line of your message. I suggest that you change the client name in the last line to "Big Box Store" before the Moderators delete your post and send you a message of admonishment.

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