Marlet Forced and the movies...

For years I remember Market Force was asking me all the time to do different projects in the movie theaters.

I recently realized the work dropped down to 0.

Everyone seeing this, or is it just in my area?

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They tend to deactivate for inactivity. If you don't do anything for them within a certain timeframe, they will deactivate you. When is the last time you tried to log in?
Usually I got e-mails from them telling me of assignments in my area.

As per my last log in not 72 hours ago, since I got such an e-mail, but not related to the movies.
I, too, have seen a drop in the Certified Associate side advertising their jobs. I have attributed this to their not having much work for their CA's to choose from... because there really is not much on their job board anymore. Sad.

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There are only 2 theaters within 50 miles in my area but the assignments are still here.

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