Raise your hand if you're still doing Survey Merchandiser

Almost every company where I work has increased their pay rate, except this cheap company. What are these people expecting? Free labor? How come people are still accepting assignments? This is something I'd really like to know.

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Back last December, I got REALLLLL sick....it wasn't Covid (tested twice), but some sort of bronchitis that was treated with antibiotics. I had been accepted for a simple coupon placement on some freezer products in about 6 stores with them. They had sent me the coupons and I was ready to go before I got so sick. I wrote and explained how sick I was, and asked for a simple one week extension....they wouldn't grant it!! I told them if they wanted their neck hangers back, they'd have to send me some sort of return authorization or return label. They wrote back a day later and "magically" somehow said that they all of a sudden had "enough" stores covered so that the stores I had been given didn't need to be done anyhow. Yeah, right. So, I didn't appreciate that they couldn't give me an extension....ESPECIALLY WHEN I had ANOTHER COMPANY (Customer Impact) MORE THAN GLADLY extend an assignment I had with them in NINE STORES for that extra week until I got better....and even wrote and told me to get well and hoped I would be better soon.

So.....will I go out of my way to do something for Survey Merchandiser???? NOPE, not on your life!! (PS.....I ended up just tossing the stuff they had sent me).

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