The case of the self-spamming posts

Okay, I mentioned in another thread that when I hit "post message" sometimes nothing happens except that the box shrinks a bit, moving the "Post message" button up a bit and I have to hit it a second time to get the post to appear.

Now it seems that there have been one or more times when two copies of the same post have shown up, which I don't understand because some of my "second" clicks yield a message telling me the system will not make the post because I have already posted the exact same post and double posting is not allowed.

So since I can't force it to double post, why is it doing it on its own?

I've asked the forum member who told me about this to report any double post to the mods so they can delete the second one, and I edited away the one I found with an explanation that it was an accidental duplicate post.

I suspect these two problems are somehow related. Hopefully if someone else is having similar issues they will mention it here.

I am using Chrome as a browser.

Time to build a bigger bridge.

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I'm using Chrome and lately on both my laptop and iPad I have to hit the reply button twice because it won't go through the first time. So far the double posting hasn't happened to me or I'm just not aware.

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