a new catagory!!?? web based earnings or trucking contractors?

how about a new catagory of web based earnings? like survey sites, earnings sites (ie: inboxdollars.com), rewards sites that work (ie:mypoints), referall companies (like that energy company i keep hearing about), games for cash that work (gsn games), gambling sites that pay (only available outside the USA), deals sites (slickdeals.net)... etc

also the largest base of independent contractors outside of mystery shoppers that i know of are independent trucking contractors (hot hot stuff as this industry is projected to need 300,000 new truckers and pay has gone up 4% in the past year)... i have looked but cant find a site that seems independent because they are flooded with ads... also they usually run there own schools so that could be a subset within the catagory

shopping north west PA and south west ny

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Feel free to start another forum if you want. This one is for mystery shopping. Not sure why you want to see truck driving discussions here.

Or did I misunderstand you?

Time to build a bigger bridge.
There have been several threads started in general chat about different apps that pay. I think I remember a while ago one about paid surveys. Again these were in general chat. I would be willing to ask if they could be stickied in general chat so we could all see them and add to them if people thought that it would be a good idea. But as far as making a separate section, I would have to agree with dspeakes that it's a mystery shopping forum.

That is a really interesting niche idea. Maybe there should be a new site for truckers. I wonder how to go about finding them, and what types of discussions they would be interested in?
Well, everyone who shops at truck stops could post flyers.

I would guess many truck driver's discussions would be about people in 2500# Toyotas cutting them off on the approach to a red light and nearly turning into road kill as a result. But that's just a guess. smiling smiley Other discussions ... people who flash their high beams instead of turning lights on and off to signal them it's okay to move over, people who don't dim high beams when passing, people tailgating them to try to improve their gas mileage, people hanging in their blind spots.

My ex is a truck driver. They use technology -- GPS, smart phones, software to track per diem rates. They furnish their trucks with microwaves and mini-fridges, coffeemakers, TV's, radios. I think they still use CB radios on the road, at least some of them, anyway.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
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