Forum members who use vulgarity

Can anything be done to control forum members who respond to posts with vulgarity. I feel the use of such acrid words should be banned from the forum.

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@roflwofl wrote:

Define vulgarity.



characterized by ignorance of or lack of good breeding or taste:
vulgar ostentation.


indecent; obscene; lewd:
a vulgar work; a vulgar gesture.


crude; coarse; unrefined:
a vulgar peasant.


of, relating to, or constituting the ordinary people in a society:
the vulgar masses.


current; popular; common:
a vulgar success; vulgar beliefs.


spoken by, or being in the language spoken by, the people generally; vernacular:
vulgar tongue.


lacking in distinction, aesthetic value, or charm; banal; ordinary:
a vulgar painting.



Archaic. the common people.


Obsolete. the vernacular.

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I agree with the definition. But now we need to determine how to apply that definition to posts that are made. The determination of what specific posts are vulgar could be very subjective. Maybe the OP could provide some specific examples of what she considers vulgar so we could discuss it.
Jacob already has something in place that changes what he must consider vulgar words into symbols or something. For example,


ETA: See only 2 out of 5 words are considered vulgar according to forum rules.

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MotherDaughterTeam, at the bottom right on each post there is a report button. Click that button to report a post you consider unacceptable. Forum moderators will take a look at it and may or may not make a change or deletion. I am not a moderator so it's not up to me. As already noted, Jacob has a system in place to "symbol out" words he considers unacceptable and he has already made his selection of those words.

What you may find acrid may look fine to me, and vice versa. The forum is lightly moderated and posts that you consider unacceptable may stand as written. We don't all get what we want all the time. If you do not wish to read the posts of any forum member there is a "toggle user visibility" button that you can click on any of their posts and you will no longer see their contributions.

Because a post is caustic in language or tone does not mean it is unacceptable. It is my understanding this forum is not moderated for tone. I personally enjoy the sometimes original and clever use of the language we see here and would not be in favor of moderating a post because it is sharp or bitter.

If we find ourselves receiving hurtful responses, perhaps we need to ask ourselves what we did to generate them.

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Living in the wacky state of Utah I'm used to this kind of "outrage". It makes me kinda/sorta smirk, btw.
It depends on how you view the forum. Some want it to be a hangout that is viewed by shoppers, MSCs, schedulers, editors, etc., as a place for shoppers to share, professionally, with respect. Other members view it as a hangout, away from a boss, at liberty to spew. I belong to the former group and appreciate that the forum replaces some obscenities with characters. Beyond that, the Report (!) function is available.
For me, there are sufficient procedures in place to deal with the abusive side of humanity that sometimes creeps up here in the forum.

Bad word filters disallow the display of certain words that are usually used in an emotionally charged manner. Try posting one or two and see what displays. These filters make challenging to discuss a certain type of nastiness that sometimes appears in public toilets. But then we see the creative side of some. smiling smiley

Moderation is in place to deal with offensive posts of all types, not just vulgarity. It just has to be reported by members. Moderators then have to make a judgement call based on the circumstances. It reminds me of the time I observed a clerk in a store greet a customer with an obscenity. The word was a vulgar term for a person's exit hole that would probably be filtered. However, the employee and customer reacted positively to it. They smiled, laughed, and started a friendly conversation. They weren't offended, but others could have been and I'm sure the company had issues with an employee using such a term where others could hear. I think the tone of the forum has improved in recent years. Much of that thanks goes to our moderators. A good deal more goes to our members.

I think what we have works pretty well. smiling smiley

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there can be no doubt, absolutely no doubt what-so-ever that this "mother and daughter team" reside here in wacky utah...the level of outrage that they pontificate about fits right in with what i'm faced with on a daily basis.

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Oh, don't worry. Utah doesn't have the monopoly on wacky behavior.

Happily shopping Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut
From my travels, Florida is A LOT worse than Utah. Bunch of whack-a-doodles! And MDT ran with her tail between her legs awhile ago.
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