Forum Messages "Greying Out" and font sizes shrinking!

Censorship also rubs me the wrong way. If a member has the "disagree" option, but disagrees with it, I suggest they request that Jacob remove their option. Similarly, if a member is called upon to moderate, but disagrees with the responsibility. . .

I am sure that Jacob neither bestows, nor arm twists, responsibility.

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@AustinMom wrote:

@LisaSTL wrote:

I would not call it or consider it a "disagree" button. A disagree button would be like a "like" button. Members names would be seen along with the post. In this case it is the opportunity for some members to anonymously and without justification influence the disappearance of other members posts. Since I have yet to see any firm guidelines on using the button, it can be used on spam, trolls, suspected trolls, members you have an irrational grudge against, posts that have gone off topic, humorous posts you don't find particularly funny, for revenge, and apparently to turn orange kittens to gray.

Well said. It means censorship with no accountability.

Yep, I see this as something that will cause way more harm than good. It looks like some saw it as a new toy and couldn't wait to abuse it.
I haven't seen this happening now for a LONG time....maybe its use was discontinued??? I hope so.
I'm at a loss, we could all disappear.....
added to say: I disapprove...what happened to freedom of speech.
I think this will backfire, and we will lose some valuable members.

Live consciously....

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