Can't be logged in on more than one device

If I am logged in on the phone then I cannot participate via computer. The log in failure message there was unclear as to why but I finally figured it out. Once I logged off from the phone, I was able to log in on the computer. Why? If I should forget to log off from the computer then I will be unable to access the forum when I am somewhere else, waiting for service (such as a banker or oil change), and only the phone. It is one of my favorite sites to read! Can it be fixed? It would be much more convenient.

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Hmm, I don't have the same problem, but I couldn't tell you why I am able to be logged at the same time on my HP desktop and Android Samsung S9+.
@CoffeeQueen wrote:

I never log off of either one. I stay logged in on both devices without any issues.
Me too. I will close my laptop so that it is in "sleep" mode, but I never log off the Forum unless I am doing a periodic "clean up" on my computer that erases all the cache and log in stuff. But I can get on the Forum on my Android and my laptop at the same time, I guess, because I never do log out?? I don't know why, really, but no problem with doing that.
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