I signed up with shadow shopper for 30 days. It was the best $9.95 that I evert spent. I was able to sign up with about twenty different ccompanies after connecting up with the companies through shadow shoppers. After the 30 days I had so many connections for mystery shopping that I had to make a cheat sheet to keep up with the usernames and passwords. I was unsure about paying at first, then I decided that I could afford to pay $10. But instead I have made that $10 back and then some. I have a regular schedule and get paid up to $ 70 just to pretend to be interested in returning to school.

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I signed up for the 30 day silver membership for $4.95. I just re-signed for 90 days for $39.95. Not only have I gotten signed up with dozens of mystery shop companies through their posts, but I've also gotten a demo job for $15/hr, 12 hours per week (Fri/Sat/Sun 4-8 pm), handing out flyers and demoing a dvd kiosk in a grocery store, plus I've gotten in with 4 merchandising companies. Definitely worth the money. I rarely go to their web site, just respond to their emails.

I performed my first shop on 1/17/2007. As of today, 2/23, I have completed 68 shops and grossed over $1000.

FYI: a great way to keep track of your passwords and the companies with whom you've registered... Get RoboForm. If you earned less than $20,000 in 2006 it's only $19.95, but you can try it out for free. Go to
Robo form is one option for tracking your username and passwords but it has limited storage ability. Mozilla/Firefox which is free will also remember them for you and it hasn't reached a limit on mine and I shop actively for over 75 companies and I'm registered with about three hundred. It also has memory so when you type in the first letter on the forms it will bring up the rest of the info. Very few web sites don't work well with this search engine. I usually do 50 to 75 shops per month so I have to use a cheat sheet excel is a good program for this but access is even better. It has more sort functions. iclaudia
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