HUD refund clients

I am trying to find out if the program I paid for is legal and if so how do I go about finding the people who are due refunds current addressess? I paid alot of money and can't seem to get any answers. Anyone have a heads up on this? I am also looking for Data Entry work but not having much luck securing any. One last thing I would like to ask. I have been trying to join a group or forum but can't seem to get any answers from anyone. Is there an easier way to get connected to people like me that I can ask questions and hopfully give a little good input of my own?

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that is a scam, I tried that many years ago and got scammed. if you sell your house the closing person will tell you if your are due a refund. its a waste of money and time
As a former HUD Representative, I must admit I thought at first that at last business and caring for others had finally met.

But you what the bottom line in this progrogram is, don't you?

If I contacted you and disclosed at any point that I could help you get a five hundred dollar refund from HUD/FHA. And all you'd have to pay me was $60 to handle the paperwork for you, what would you do?

You'd say, "Thanks for letting me know. I'll call my old mortgage company, get the forms from them, fill them out myself and save the $60."
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