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Robo form is one option for tracking your username and passwords but it has limited storage ability. Mozilla/Firefox, which is free will, also remembers them for you and it hasn't reached a limit on mine and I shop actively for over 75 companies and I'm registered with about three hundred. It also has memory so when you type in the first letter on the forms it will bring up the rest of the info. Very few web sites don't work well with this search engine. I usually do 50 to 75 shops per month so I have to use a cheat sheet excel is a good program for this but access is even better. It has more sort functions. iclaudia

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Only RoboForm trial is limited. The full purchase version doesn't appear to have a storage limit. I have over 100 logins stored in various folders and have had no problems. If you earned less than $20,000 in 2006, you can get it for $19.95, otherwise it's $39.95. You can also print out a complete list of your logins/passwords and get add ons to make it transportable.
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