Bank Shops Medina and Westfield Center Ohio

The objective of the ‘shop’ is to document the details of an experience as a customer or perspective customer of a local Bank so they can better understand and improve customer service and satisfaction. To effectively accomplish this, the shopper(s) will complete an anonymous interaction with an associate or over the phone at the assigned bank location.

This is an ongoing project and the scenarios may change monthly or seasonally.

One shop will consist of a shopper visiting a specified branch one time and opening a new personal account (checking or savings), the minimum dollar amount for opening an account is $50. This shop will pay $20.

The other shops will be conducted over the phone with 2 different scenarios assigned to a shopper. This shop will pay $8.

The scenario for the first phone conversation will be to inquire about the bank. The shopper is currently looking to change banks and is not satisfied with their current bank (fees and customer service are issues) and they are just calling around to see what different banks have to offer.

The scenario for the second phone conversation will be to inquire about investment opportunities the bank has to offer. The shopper has just received a sum of money (tax return, inheritance, etc.) and would like to invest it somewhere but has no idea where to begin.

The shoppers will have to fill out an online survey and write a brief narrative describing their visit/phone conversation.

These shops begin February 12th and are due by February 26th.

If interested please contact .

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