Canceling a shop that was misrepresented by the scheduler

Would you cancel a shop that sounded like a completely different shop than what the scheduler told you once you looked at the paperwork?

This shop is with one of my favorite companies that I trust and that usually doesn't have ridiculous requirements.

However, the scheduler told me that on this particular clothing shop all I had to do was take a couple pieces of clothing in the dressing room, record the stock numbers on them, and then count how many we're on the racks. She said it wasn't even required to speak to an associate and it sounded relatively easy.

However, I just checked out the paperwork and an associates name is REQUIRED, I have to check for all sizes in certain clothing and if they don't have a size I have to ask for it (I wear a l/Xl, what if they don't have a small or are out of different sizes in different pieces of clothing), ask if I can try on a piece that is on a mannequin (what if they have my size on the rack?), and a whole page of other things. I would've never taken the shop had I known this.

I really don't want to do this now, but I'm leery of canceling. Anyone else have an experience like this? I know one thing. I won't be doing this again and I'm really dissappointed in the company.

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I once took a job which paid $30 to meet with an insurance agent. It wasn't until after being assigned I found it would require meeting with 2 different agents and I was required to find the second one. I canceled the assignment.

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Marion S...the scheduler put you in a tough spot. If was me (and I have had this happen before) I would complete the job and then never accept another one. Especially if it with a company you work with all the time. If it is a company you don't work with very often I would cancel. You hate to have a "flake" on you with a company you love.

Good luck.
I have done this shop many times but before I comment:

I have had shops where no purchase was required then I got the guidelines and it says "must purchase sunglasses $100-$300" and at that point, since I save everything, I told the scheduler this is not correct and she did cancel it with no penalty.

I have had about 5 shops that were misrepresented BIG time and had to make contact with the scheduler.

Now, back to your shop. It sounds very much like a shop I have done, get the stock number off the clothes, get the associates name (they never have a name tag on so I have to creatively ask for their name) with a host of instructions.

The main point is this: "If" you can get your hands on the guidelines without accepting the shop, DO so! If you can't and the schedulers rules conflict with the actual shop, then SAVE the email she sent you. *(it saved me a few times)...

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Then there is the 'innocent' approach. "Suzy, I think you have assigned me the wrong shop. The shop I agreed to do you indicated that I just needed to ____, ____ and ___. The shop you assigned requires me to ___, ____, ____, ____, ____ and ____. This is NOT what I agreed to. If you have the shop we discussed, I would be perfectly happy to do that one for you. Otherwise I need to have you cancel this one because this is not what I agreed to do."
I would talk to the scheduler. This sounds like an MFI shop I've done before. You don't want to give their algorithm any reason to target you for deactivation.

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Only problem is that this all happened over the phone so I don't have any emails to reference. If this was some other company that I didn't trust, I probably wouldn't have done it. However, I've never had any problems like this from them before.

It does sound like we are all talking abou the same shop here too. I just can't figure out how I'm ever going to be able to remember everything they want or get it done without anyone noticing. I usually discreetly takes notes on my phone but there's so much I just don't know if it would be possible to be discreet. Then, to top it all off, we are supposed to have some awful weather tomorrow. I told the scheduler I'd make it happen anyway but it certainly doesn't help when I'm already dreading the shop.
I have done this shop b4, a couple of them. It is easy in a way and cumbersome in the other way. If the loud music and the "perfume" don't nauseate you, U will be alright.

U R making sure the sizes are there in the store. Best thing to do is in the DUDEs section ask for Small size, and in the BETTy's size asked for XL. The object is for the associate to check the sizes or use the walkie-talkies. But keep in mind that neither sizes are in the store. This store focuses on the Hollywood scene. If they are not chunky in H'wood, that store won't have chunky clothes.

The mannequin clothing, just request to purchase it. The associate should suggest other articles of clothing or the companies web site to purchase the item.

You might be stressing to much. If U R going to cancel did it b4 the last day of the shop so I can pick it up. I am not a size one but I find those shops pretty interesting.

As for name, pick a associate any assoicate, approach them and say, "excuse me the young man/woman up front...." The associate will say who "Bob, Billy Tasha aksaha." U say yeah. "They help me very much, they need a raise." and the other name is usually on the receipt.

Then push the handicapp door button (to see if the door works) and leave the store.
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