not worth the money

you asked me to write so here it is .i have yet to get any jobs from shadow shoppers because i am not a gold or silver member and i will not send more money to do this and i can not get my money back so i'm S O L . So if you can get me the jobs great i've taken all the test. so lets see what you do for me or others like me.

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Shadow Shopper does not get you jobs. They inform you of jobs available and you have to get them yourself. This is why it is stupid for anyone to pay for their services.

I never signed up for shadow shoppers but did a ton of research on my own and signed up for 75+ companies for free! I live in a rural area so this could never be a full time job for me but I can do enough to have a little spending money. Did you only sign up with shadow shoppers? I have heard they will inform you of the jobs with different mystery shopping companies but usually those people like myself who check these companies daily "snag" the jobs before you have the chance.
I think its up to you if want to sign up with shadow shopping, i paid 39.95 for 3 months and made it back within the first week, i have notice that you get the better jobs through them. the reason i signed up with them is because with a fulltime job i dont have time to search the web for jobs. i all a matter of opinion
Hi, In the beginning I thought it wasn't worth it. But,after participating in a free mystery shop and doing some investigating I found other mystery shops. And I can actually say after doing (10) of them and combining the amounts I have made. I received $350.00 in a month's time. I didn't pay but for one and that was the mysteryshoplink they filled my email up.
MysteryShopLink took my $100 and filled up my email too. The problem was, they filled up my email with jobs I could have found for free. After a month of registering with over 75 companies for free, the emails I received from them were the jobs I turned down for some reason or another. Companies don't turn to these pay for jobs sights unless they are desperate and then the sight gets a cut of the bonus money which could have all been yours if you would just go to the sight yourself and snag the job.
I have bee with Shadow Shoppers for the past six months. The only complaint I have is when they notify you of a job you really do not get all the details of the shop until you apply. Other than that I am completely satisfied with them
I paid shadow shoppoer as well and quickly found out the shops they list are out on the internet some where, you really have to be dedicated and take the time to sign up with as many shops as possible. The only thing I get from shadow shopper that I did not find alot of on my own was for merchandising and I don't have alot of interest in that. I am silver certified and don't see any difference. Does any one out there no of shops that do actually pay more for people that are certified vs not? What are they?
Hi fellow mystery shoppers,
I started receiving emails from Shadowshopper wanting me to join their organization for varying amounts of money. I was not interested in paying for something I knew nothing about,so I kept deleting their emails, even though I was curious. Well, one day I received an email from them saying that I wouldn't respond to their offers for any of the amounts they quoted me so they were going to let me try it free for a period of 7 days, I believe, and if I liked it maybe I would want to join ! The catch was that I had to give them my credit card # in case I wanted to continue after the free period.Well,I decided to give it a try with the intention of cancelling before they charged me.The next day the credit card security called and said my card had been compromised (not by Shadow Shopper) and they were going to cancel it!!So, when my free period was up Shadow Shopper emailed me that there was a problem with my card so they were going to give me more free time! In another week they quit emailing me !!! BUT,during the free time I discovered sooooooo many shopping companies that I'm totally hooked on being a shopper !!A lot of my leads came from Jacob Jans in his free tips !!!
I've worked for several companies in the last 3 months ! In my opinion, SHOPNCHEK,
Service Intelligence,GKI,CRI,are some of the fairest and good to work for. The first application I did, I was called the next day on the phone and asked to do a shop 40 miles from my home for extra money. Here's the great thing about it, I'm 71 yrs. old, have 6 grown kids,13 grandkids and 3 great- granddaughters and have a high school education !! If I can be successful at this youall can. I give all the credit to the God I serve and perseverance....

Very cool I love your story #1 shoppin Granny. I think that really is the 'secret' or issue you have to keep working at it. Its different being self employed as you have to find the work, you can't count on it coming to you. Sometimes it does, but mostly you need to be persistant.
I started out with Shopper Services which I heard on the radio one day. It requires $1.99 but it was worth it. They really put my foot in the door. They also provide you with training and i've you a certificate afterwards. Their system also have a from to print up a resume.
I signed up with Shadow Shoppers also, but I have gotten 30 to 40 jobs from the postings that I get from them. Like others have said there are plenty of free sites to find the jobs. I have signed up with about 50 companies so far and am always looking for new companies to shop for. I do have a group of 5 to 6 companies that I regularly work with. The longer you work with a company the better jobs they will offer you, I do get offers sometimes before they are posted to the shop board.

I found that is a good place to start, it's free and they list about 100 mystery shopping companies, and most if not all are free to sign up with.
After signing up to some Mystery Shopping companies and getting no response, I considered paying Shadow Shopper due to the number of oppurtunities I seemed to missing out on. But while I was reading some reviews about them I got contacted by National Shopping Service as they were looking for shoppers in my state (Hawaii).

I have done 6-7 shops so far with them, mainly pizza shops and expect to get my 1st check payment later this month.
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