Financial Shop Solutions, Inc. Mail box drop

The aforemetioned company posted the following on Volition looking for Business owners to act as a mail box drop for them. Smells a little funny to me, have any of you dealt with them?

Business Owners wanted for mail drop services. If your business has a valid tax ID - we would like to talk to you about this 6 month long opportunity. Active businesses needed to help us gather information needed for our research projects. Business name and address used for mail drop purposes. We have been utilizing businesses in this manner for 8 years - references available. The contract is for 6 months duration and will pay $250. Please email with available dates, times, and phone number in order for us to call you with further details.

MSPA Gold Certfied - Puget Sound

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I have done something similar for a different company...actually its a very easy way to make money. In my instance the company is attempting to determine what type of advertising is being sent.

Volition does a pretty reasonable job of screening their job board. If the offer is still there in 24 hrs it is likely to be legit.

Financial Shop Solutions has had their website registered since around 2008 and its President (and presumed owner) is Mary Morgan, who evidently started it up after her departure from Datatron, which closed its doors owing shoppers unpaid fees. Due to non-compete clauses, Mary was evidently in 'good graces' to go open her own shop with the blessing of the Datatron owner Harvey Gasn when it went out of business. Initially Mary was with FinServix, which may have changed its name. I personally would not get entangled with them as I suspect that Gasn is still in the background there.

It is unfortunately frequent in this business for a company owner to walk out on their obligations and open with a new front face and a new name.

Mail drops are not unusual in and of themselves. Shoppers have been involved in them for years though I have not heard them mentioned recently.
Thanks for the information, it just sounded too much like mail laundering to me.

MSPA Gold Certfied - Puget Sound
Mary Morgan with Financial Shop Solutions, here. I just wanted to clarify the situation as far as my involvement with Datatron. I was employed by Datatron and was merely an employee. I have absolutely no involvement with Harvey Gasn, except that he was my boss at Datatron. I have not spoken or seen him since 2008 and wish to keep it that way.

My noncompete from Datatron ended when Datatron went out of business so I was able to legally open a similar business because there is no competition if the company is defunct - which Datatron was and still is. Again, I was an employee of Finservix - for a very short time - until I found out that Harvey Gasn was involved and then I quit...I, also, was not paid for my employment at Finservix and was ripped off just as the shoppers of Datatron were ripped off.

I have been in business since 2008 and have an excellent reputation with my shoppers and clients. If you choose not participate in my shops, fine. But to continue to link me to a company that went out of business when I was merely an employee does not seem to be fair.

As mentioned, mail drops are common. This is for research purposes only. I have several businesses that have worked with me for years and will act as references, as stated in the posting.

Thanks for allowing me to clear this up.
Thank you Mary. I noted that you showed your affiliation with Datatron on your company's bio and felt it was pride in the association, thus my comments.
I understand, Flash. I know you were affected when Harvey closed Datatron and did not pay his shoppers. And I am proud of my affiliation with Datatron - but only prior to 2008 - obviously, not with Harvey Gasn's Datatron. He only took over the company at the beginning of 2008 - and I quit Datatron after he took over. Datatron provided me with experience - and I mention it only to highlight my experience in market research.

It is unfortunate that he tarnished an otherwise fine company's reputation.

The maildrop opportunity allows us to see how companies advertise their services and follow their campaigns to their business clients. We are very transparent with our maildrop shoppers and all is explained before they sign up. No accounts are opened or applied is for marketing purposes only.
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