Giving companies my SSN

Should I sign up with companies that require my SSN when I have an EIN (Employer Identification Number)? I am extremely concerned about entering my SSN online or giving to companies that I am not sure of.

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Some companies will accept an EIN instead of a SSN, some will not, some will not accept a SSN. Obviously you will need to work it both ways.
Beware that the company is legitimate first. Most companies will require a SSN/EIN number if you do a shop for them and they have to pay you but you are not required to provide until then. Then make sure you are on a secure site by looking at the site address it should be https:// (look for the S for secure) or on Internet Explorer there will be a small padlock next to the address bar designating it as secure. I also protect myself with Lifelock(TM) it's cheap protection/insurance for my peace of mind.
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