Does anyone know how to contact a scheduler? I have applied for several gas jobs a while ago and they are still on the job board. I have a rating of 10 and cannot figure out why I am not awarded these jobs. I have not done the locations in the past either.

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Good luck with that. You are not alone with this problem. They are a scheduling company. I have had jobs pending on their board after I went directly to the MSC actually listing the jobs, been accepted and completed these jobs...:p

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
I went to the MSC job board and these gas jobs do not show up on them. It is most frustrating when these jobs still sit on the board and I said I would do them yesterday. Any other suggestions?
That is the reason that they post, Do not contact the scheduler re this shop. If it remains pending they are in the process of scheduling and will not get back to you. Schedulers get many many emails per day and cannot respond to all. Many shoppers will have a good rating too. Do Not take it personally. Just wait to be contacted and move on to other applications. This is the way it works
like it or not. Also please be aware schedulers are not paid way well and are just doing their best to do their job. And no, I am not a scheduler and would not want that job.
I agree with cynb, sit and wait. They haven't forgotten they haven't assigned the shops and they don't want to be contacted. If you are frustrated after a one-day wait, you may be in for some serious frustration ..... KSS sometimes takes quite a long time to assign. I'm not a scheduler either, just a shopper who's done a lot of work scheduled by KSS.
In the past, although not recently, I have done work through them.

I just keep looking. Some companies call or email with offers. When I have a request, I put it in my calendar on the day I said I could do it with a big R in front of it. If it is given to me, I mark out the R. I have a couple of requests right now that went past the "assignment" date. The company said they were still working on them. I haven't even looked at their website recently. Except for entertaining myself here, I am very busy with work.
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