Hello Everyone, Sorry about the nick name force of habit when on the net. I am Ole School. Any way I am super new to this. like this week new. So I will be combing all postings. Any advise or information you can pass on will be fantastic. I have my first shop SAT. at a shoe store. Wish me luck!
Good Luck and Happy Shopping!

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Good luck and welcome to the world of mystery shopping.

some tips that i find help me are;

use a word processor for your report comments

keep a log of your shops dates and times and milage to and from (this will help at tax time)

I use excell for a spread sheet, much easier to see who is paying me and when.

apply for as many jobs as you can do, also apply to as many companies as you can find.

Volition.com is a good source for companies.

once again, good luck and let us know how your first shop went.

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