TNS Weekend Warrior survey, need help.

The employee was not there, and the report keeps asking questions about the employee and won't let me close out the report. I have to have this completed by 8 PM this evening. I have six hours to turn it in. In another section it says I have 12 hours to complete. I've emailed support and the scheduler, but I'm not holding my breath about hearing from them until Monday.

When it asked questions about the employee, I just kept answering no, and in the comment putting 'employee was not there'. Now the questions are more specific as to what the employee said. I'm stuck. Should I just say employee said nothing? Unfortunately there's a list of things to choose from and 'employee said nothing' isn't on it. LOL I need to close this report. Help!

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Their reports are so easy but absolutely tedious if something unusual happens. Try typing in "NA" for all the employee-related questions until it lets you submit.
@AustinMom, NA isn't on the check list of things to choose from.

I tried to check one box in each category (things that were on the display), but it still wants the employee's name. I can't go ahead to see if I could explain in a narrative at the end, cause i don't know if there IS a narrative.

I'll just have to wait till Monday, unless a TNS scheduler or editor is lurking on this board somewhere.
I just did my first Weekend Warrior shop this afternoon along with a bunch of others for different companies. I am just getting organized to fill out my reports but when I get to that one, I'll try to figure out a way I may be able to help & PM you. I do think we have 12 hours though - that's the only timeframe I've seen. TNS is a reasonable company. I missed a shop once and it didn't affect my rating with them, so if you can't get your answer until Mon. it'll probably be O.K.
Thanks, I'll take all the help I can get. Here's what it says on the top of my shop report:

Name: Weekend Warrior
Status: Shop Started
Date Range: 8/18/2012
Shop Date: August 18, 2012
Survey Due: 6 hours after performing shop
Time: between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm

I, too, thought I saw 12 hours somewhere else.
Sounds like the same one I did today for TVs. There were employees there promoting the sattelite company and the memberhsip company and we were to find the employee that represented the particular TV brand. I had to look around a while before I found her. Did you ask if he or she was working?
Yes, I asked. No one was promoting anything in my store. The information desk said they never had representatives of the different companies in their location, but I could speak with one of their employees about the TV. I gave her names of 3 different TV brands I was 'interested in'. On the list of names, the guy who was supposed to be there today was also booked at another location across the street, Maybe that's why he was not in the store I was in.
I have found in most instances where they want the name of the employee and I don't have it the susrveys take the "name" UNKNOWN. I've always been able to get the rest of the way through the questionaire. You might give that a try.
I would put "John Doe"in that section and in all the questions just say, "John Doe was not there to help me.

Then if there is a section for "notes" explain that John Doe is non-existant employee but needed for your report.
Yes, Barbage is right. Be sure to scroll over & down where it says "new" for the employee and put "unknown". That should work. And then contact them Mon. to explain. . .
I saw my rep on the contact list but the contact list would not populate in my report so I just added the rep's name in manually. I hope that will be okay.
My contact list was blank and I created an employee named "Not applicable." For the questions requiring a specific answer, I just clicked anything to get it to submit. In every available text box I just said the employee was not there. I figured the report is in on time and if they need further clarification they can ask.

It seems they are assuming employees will be there and they shouldn't. My rep was supposed to be at another location in the same shopping plaza later in the day. Out of curiosity, I did some personal shopping and then hit the other store. She wasn't there either.

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I took your suggestions and put 'unknown' for the questions that had to do with points made to me by the sales rep. I also sent a LONG explanation to the scheduler. I hope that work, Monday will tell.

I looked on the list of names also, and my guy was scheduled for two separate locations at the same time. The other location was directly across the street from the location I was scheduled for. Go figure. Maybe the company thought he had the ability to clone himself. LOL
The schedule for my rep was totally doable, 11 am to 2 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm at stores about 3 minutes apart. Any time there has been a situation where the report did not allow for something unusual or unexpected, I've not had any problems with choosing answers to force it through. They are saying the reports need to be in ASAP and may have someone ready to edit as soon as tomorrow. Everything we did is certainly self-explanatory.

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
"I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag." -Molly Ivins
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
In the list of specific things the employee should have said, doesn't it list "other" at the bottom? If you select other, then it gives you an explanation box to explain and you can put either "NA" or "the employee was not there."
Darn it, I didn't see the 'other' box. Hopefully they'll take it the way i sent it. I was too involved at looking at the list of points they were to make.
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I had one last weekend I had to jiggle with it to get it in - I selected "other" seeral times so I could put "NA" in the explanation box. Then it was accepted without a question. I expected a question. Go figure.
I heard from someone. Yea. The correct way is to put 'No rep'. Now I just have to wait for it to be sent back so I can do it properly. Darn 6 hour time frame anyway! But at least the problem's been solved. Thanks Judith.
I'm doing one of these tomorrow, and I'm supposed to check if the LG 55LW7600 TV is present. I was doing a little research and I can't find any reference to this model on the Internet, although there is a LG 55LM7600. Has anyone done this shop and found this TV?
I haven't done the shop but did a little research for you. You may find this helpful:



The only links that had the 55LW7600 appeared to be for Asian countries such as Vietnam or Thailand.
Thanks! The site is interesting. I saw the 55LW7600 label on some non-English language sites, so I thought it might be sold elsewhere. Now I'm wondering if I'll see it tomorrow in the store.
Just completed my first shop for TNS today. I guess that makes me a weekend warrior. It was very easy. I knew nothing about 3D televisions so I actually learned something.
ok. so I used the search function. What is a weekend warrior shop (I even googled it in hopes of finding more information)? The search function brought up this thread and possibly one other thread referencing WW.


Silver Certified, I own my own PV-500, and I do shops in and around the DFW area.
It's one MS company's name for an electronics shop that has to be done in a narrow time interval on the weekend, I suppose because that's when the manufacturer rep is there. At least that's the one I did.
Just completed the shop and it was the easiest ever. The rep was there, right in front of the 55" tv...he said they sold out of the other size.

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Amazon's Gold Box special today is a Panasonic 3-D TV for half off.
Ok the rep was there and I still cannot get past to complete survey. I did the description option nothing. I know a lot of people do not like sassie but I want everyone to use it!! ideas?I did email, at least they know I tried. Oh by the way the rep was great, but same one at BB. Gonna fake it b/c I know she is good, but could not get a pic b/c I had just seen her an hour ago.!! Ain't shoppin great?
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