Amazing Deals at Grocery Stores

I used to hate the 45 minute requirement for grocery store shops. Now, I slowly go down the isles and look for good deals. On my last one, I got blue cheese (from the cheese shop) for $1.99 lb. It was $5.00 off per pound. I found some discontinued items for 90% off. I would have never found them, if I hadn't slowed down. I think it is amazing what can be found, when I am forced to slow down and take the time to look at everything. I also got a few bagged salads for under a dollar.

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I love grocery store shops. I really use them to build up savings through the fuelperks program. I will be filling up 30 gallons of fuel this weekend for .05 cents a gallon. It's like I've gone back in time 80 years! Love it....
I as well love to take my time when grocery shopping....I check out everything, have a cup of coffee while shopping,
and consider it my time. The deals you find are pretty amazing, our Ralphs have day old bread, which I freeze and it
comes out fresh with a 20 second micro. I buy the 12 grain, french bread and the good stuff for 1.00. good tip for shoppers, take your time.

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I am a couponer, so I love the grocery store shops! One of my favorite shops reimburses $14.00, I can stretch that really far with my coupons. It's amazing!
I love doing the grocery shops, too, because I'm going grocery shopping anyway, so why not get paid for it? But I've never had one that required anything longer than a 30-minute visit.

I just wish they offered more of them!

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I love the grocery shops. They were a God send when my husband and I were both out of work.
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