Harland Clarke

Any problems getting paid by this company?

I did a bank shop way back in June and have not been paid to date.

I emailed them several weeks back and was told to send W-7 and invoice

which I did but up to now nothing. I emailed them again inquiring

the status of payment but no reply.

This is my first time doing a shop with them.

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Shopping in San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles

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I have not had any problem s getting paid. They pay by check. Did you submit an invoice? I don't remember the turn around time but they are a great company to work for. I like doing the shops for them. Try calling them. Call Brian.
NEVER had a problem with payment from HC. They are wonderful!

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No problem getting paid here. I just did a second shop for them, too. I have to remember to send an invoice. I'm not used to that.
No problems here with getting paid and they actually paid me extra one time cause they sent me on a shop and ther place was not there anymore and I called them from the parking lot, raised cane cause it was a long way for me to go and they paid me the same amount they would if I had done the shop. Very friendly and easy to work with I thought..
I've never had a problem getting paid from this company. I would call them just as a follow up to the invoice that you submitted.
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