Has anyone done the college admissions shops for KSS Int'l?

How much of the paperwork are you required to complete at the appointment -- any, or can you just say you'll take it home? What is the duration of a typical appointment? How much financial information is asked and/or required -- and any credit checks done? Are you supposed to have a made-up program you want to enroll for? How tough (and narrative-heavy) is the report?

Thanks for any insights! There's one right in my home-town, and the $84 looks appealing, but it's GOT to have some strings, somewhere.

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yes., I have done this shop. About average paperwork. I would not say its narrative heavy. The tour is time consuming. I was there about 2 hours. They require you to give your social, but DO NOT let them run it. I think they do this for financial aid. The hardest part is keeping a straight face on the tour. Once you take the admissions test, try not to burst out laughing in hysteria. Just remember to play dumb and be firm. You will do fine.

p.S the admission application is done on the appoinment. You can't take it home.You get your admission results within ten minutes. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about.

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I done one with there client. Its fair pay for what you have to do. It almost like enrolling in school. My shop took bout an hour and half, little longer. My target did not fo the financial aid section properly, so not sure about it. Cant remember if the scenario has you use an income or if you use your own. you dont have to "prove" it until you enroll. Its a school so privacy is something you dont have to worry about. Federal laws apply. You have to use a degree that the school can do and a scenario why your going back to school. The shop is a two part process a call and a physical portion. You can only do one shop I know that so grab one, it worth the money, because that all you dan grab.
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