Phone call shop order/cancel

Anyone ever did one of these shops where you call make an order and cancel within 5 minutes? How did you do?

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I did phone shops for a pizza chain, and was to cancel the order during the same call as placing the order ("Oh, unexpected company is at the door, can I cancel for now?", or "I need to take a call on another line, can I cancel and get back to you", etc.) It was a simple report with no problems.
Piece of cake shops! Ok Piece of pizza shops! VERY easy. Use cell though, they do not allow blocked calls.
Yes, very easy. They pay poorly though! :-(

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It's a company that also shafts it's shoppers on fees on a regular basis so beware.

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I have done most shops. I have not done the pizza cancel. I have done other shops where I order a product for the holidays and canceled. I ran into issues getting my credit card refunded.
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