Help with shop at Kinesis Insight

I am trying to perform my very first shop with Kinesis, it's supposed to be in Spanish through the phone but every time I call they said there is noone there who speaks Spanish. What should I do? I tried to contact Kinesis already but no answer yet. Anyone has had this issue? I am freaking out because it's my first shop with them and I can't do it! Any suggestions?

I appreciate any input


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Geesh, I would be freaking out a little, too. I've never tried phone shops because they make me nervous! And I only speak English so of course I would never take a Spanish shop.

Wish I could help you!

Happiness is merely life's way of keeping you off-balance.
There's nothing more you can do. You fire off an email to the scheduler and tell her what's happening. She'll probably ask you to complete the form with all no's or n/a's. Don't panic. It's probably why they wanted a Spanish speaking shopper, so they could find out how Spanish speaking customers were being treated.
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