EPMS wants follow up on shop completed in January, 2012

I received a message from EPMS regarding a shop that I completed on January 10, 2012, asking if I had received additional follow-up in the form of an email or phone call. How am I supposed to know? This shop was more than a year ago. I have been paid for it. And the phone that I had back then has been replaced and may even be the phone that was stolen.

I wonder if they can with hold payment on shops that haven't been paid yet? I haven't answered them because I thought I would ask for guidance from this forum about what I should tell them. I'm thinking of just saying that the shop was more than a year ago and the records have been either lost or deleted?

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I'd write back and simply reference that you keep records a maximum of XX months post-shop, and that 14 months is beyond the deadline you set.

There may be some ongoing background dispute involving the employee you evaluated (lawsuit? termination?) and your report may have been requested as part of that dispute.
I'd write back and say that due to some bizarre email glitch it took over a year for you to get their inquiry and that you hope the matter was resolved last year because you no longer have the information.

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.
If you held on to the information for the length of time they required, you have no more responsibility. They shouldn't be able to hold any money back from you. I would tell them that if they can send you the report, you'll look it over and try to jog your memory, but no promises!

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I think it's rather dumb of them to even think that you have that information still in your records. I wouldn't give excuses, just say flat out that this was over a year ago and that you are not obligated to keep any records for that long.
I don't understand the hostility or defensive attitude in some of the posts in this thread. Unless there's some kind of glitch that had EPMS confusing 2012 with 2013, EPMS must have a good reason to ask this. Unless the request was rude, threatening, or otherwise hostile, DanceMom could respond simply--without being offensive or defensive.

Like ColoKate63 stated, there might be some kind of background dispute. It would be natural for the client to ask EPMS for clarification, just as it would be natural for EPMS to pass along the request to DanceMom.
I agree, but if they're going to ask her to "do them a favor" and try to find out something she has no reason to remember I think an explanation is in order as to WHY they are asking for it. Her concern was whether they could "take back" the fee if she doesn't produce it so I'm guessing the wording of the message was more a demand than a request. If she has to try to search email archives (I WOULD still have any email I received, yes, even that long ago, stored on probably at least three of my four computers) or go through cell phone records they should have offered to compensate her for the search time since this is obviously above and beyond the requirements of the shop.

"I don't remember and don't have time to try to find out," would be a perfectly acceptable answer, which would then allow them to respond with an offer to compensate her for her time if this is really important to them.

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.
OK confused on a couple points. Who is being hostile and defensive. Do not see that. And have you been paid for this shop or not? If you have all is good and let it go.
Was there anything "off" about the person who you shopped? To be honest, I would tell the truth. You don't keep mail correspondence for that long, your email history doesn't go back that far, and you don't have phone records from that date. Honestly, I never report back after the 5 day mark. Someone called me today 41 days post shop. A shop that I was already paid for.
There wasn't anything strange about the person I shopped. I gave her a good report. I wasn't impressed by the condition of the apartment itself, but the leasing agent was very nice. Since I was paid on this shop, I know I did the original follow-up after the 5 days. And I do remember that this agent called me, and I think she called again after the 5 days, but if she did, I certainly don't remember how long after the shop was finished.

I responded to the email and said that I looked through my old mail, and couldn't find an email from the agent. I also said that my phone had been replaced, and I couldn't check the voice mail. I haven't heard back from them.

This shop was definitely in 2012--I checked my shop record. If it had been in 2013, I would still have all the records.

Anonymous Girl: I never report follow-up after the 5 days either, but I think I will from now on. Even if it's 41 days, I 'm going to email their support.
I think one of two things happened....
1. There was some sort of random glitch in their system OR
2. Because the report is so unexplainably long, they just now finished reading all of it.....14 months later. smiling smiley
Or the employee was fired for a reason and is now filing against them. The apt complex wants back up. I had a gas station do that a year later. Then they wanted a court appearance from me about what I saw etc (Nothing out of the normal at all). I said not unless I was paid. They kept saying no pay. Case must have been dropped finally.
> Then they wanted a court appearance from me about
> what I saw etc (Nothing out of the normal at all).
> I said not unless I was paid. They kept saying no
> pay.

They were ridiculous.

I was stupid enough to meet with client representatives once without pay. It was a PITA. One of the reps was super aggressive and sometimes rude. I successfully defended my work but I would never do that again, let alone be a witness in court, for no pay.
Oddly enough, I cannot find information on how long they expect shoppers to keep their notes for. The most I've seen is 6 months.

I do bowling shops and got an email saying to confirm a location in Texas last year. It was intended for a shopper with the same first name. That's excusable. How on Earth do they send a mistake like your's Dancemom? That's really strange.
They said they were doing system maintenance and inadvertently sent emails to shoppers. I guess it makes sense, but I did waste a little time seeing if I had any records--which I didn't of course!
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