Taxes (Canada) Reimbursements as Income?

Looking for fellow Canadians or others that can guide me. My first full year of Mystery Shopping and learning a lot about receipts I should have kept. Anyway, is it better to claim reimbursements as income then the shop as an expense? Or Not to claim the reimbursement. I got a T4A from one company that included all that I was paid which was 95% reimbursements. I guess with using both as income it balances out more to be able to claim many expenses.

Any advice?

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I'm in the United States, but I claimed the full amount I received as income and then deducted the reimbursement portion as a deduction. I didn't want there to be a discrepancy between what went through my bank and what I put on the tax return as income.

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I don't claim the reimbursement, because the tax forms provided by the main company I work for didn't. I did probably 150+ reimbursement shops last year where I get paid $10 but reimbursed anywhere from $100-200.
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