Coyle scheduled me for a restaurant I did not request. How do I handle this?


I've done several shops for Coyle and enjoy being able to eat out at restaurants I could not otherwise afford. For March I applied for a shop for a fine dining restaurant that is out of my way but I figured it would be worth trying something new. Instead of being assigned the fine dining restaurant I was assigned the lower level neighborhood restaurant associated with the fine dining place. The food is much more commonplace and the reimbursement is low not even allowing for drinks for my guest and myself at dinner.

I do not think it is worth my time go out of my way for an average meal with low reimbursement and a low fee.

How should I handle this situation? I do not want to ding my Coyle profile by canceling because they have several shops that I would like to do in the future. But, as I stated, I really don't want to do the shop as I don't think it's worth my time.

Does anyone have thoughts on how to proceed?

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Do you have a scheduler or a contact at the company? I would like to think a phone call would remedy this...
My experience has been that Coyle is quite reasonable about simple human error, and emailing support gets quick results during business hours. I can't imagine them assigning something you didn't ask for unless it was a simple mistake. Whether you committed the error or if it was a scheduler error, I suggest that you just tell them that if you applied for the shop, it was an error, sorry for any inconvenience.

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