Restaurant "specials"

Just finished a fine dining place this evening. Was nice to get away from the crazy twin 3 year olds (said with love...of course).

I'm mad at myself. I was under reimbursement in my head...then I get the bill. What I thought was a $7-8 side ended up being a $25 side! I verified it was a side when I ordered, but didn't check the price...stupidly. Ugh.

If you are on a budget, make sure you check all prices so you don't go over (if you don't want to)!

Side wasn't all that great either. :-/ Oh well. I know to check on it from now on.

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I wish fine dining shops would reimburse more. Most of the time I go over the reimbursement even when I order the cheapest dishes.
A local steakhouse. My side was topped with some red crustacean meat. I've gotten this type of side before (other restaurants), and it was around the $7-8 dollar range.
I've been oggling over a new restaurant shop being offered in my area, but because I work full time and really don't do dinner dine in shops, was never able to do it. Monday night I was coming home from a shop on the other side of town and saw this particular restaurant so I decided to stop in and pick up dinner to take home on my own dime. (Note: this was a burger type place that in my mind was about in the 5Guys range) I got two regular burgers, two french fries, no drinks, nothing added, and my bill was over $25 dollars!!! So now I figure that if I do the shop and take a friend I will still go over the reimbursement, so I got that one out of my system!
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