Photo audits for Reality Based Group...anyone done these?

Hello everyone

I have received several emails for photo audits at stores very close to my house. It basically states that you can make $1.00 per completed item (approximately two pictures per item). When I first read this it sounded like more trouble than it is worth, especially since it is a non-revealed audit. I got to thinking that maybe it wouldn't be that bad if you just had to upload the pictures.

Has anyone done these? If so, were you able to make the $30-$50 mentioned in the email? Also, once you take the pictures is there re-sizing involved? Any information would be helpful. I just don't want to sign up for something that is a nightmare!


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They are asking for pictures of appliances and give a list of the items. For this one they say that they want a picture of the item and a picture of the item's price tag for the following things: refrigerator, freezer, oven range, laundry, air conditioners, dish washers.
I did a couple for Reality Based Group. But I did small items in a store and am suppose to be paid .40 for every valid item. I just did them last week so I haven't gotten paid yet. It was a bit weird, because you are suppose to be sneaky with your picture taking. But I have worked grocery retail before and if I saw someone taking pictures of the products I would assume they were an auditor from corporate and leave them alone! I just went in dressed business casual and acted like I was suppose to be there. Noone bugged me and I was able to get over 900 pictures going to the location twice. I was asked to do another but I declined because it was for a club store and I had no membership,nor did I want to get a membership because the closest one is 30 min away. It would defeat the purpose of buying in bulk. I probably made $80 the first one and $90 the second time and spent 2 hours in the store at each time. There is no re-sizing needed if you take good pictures. Also submitting the pictures is very easy,but they will discuss that with you when you speak to someone about your first job,if you take it. $40-$50 seems believable for large appliances. I think its a very easy job. at sam's, you can enter if you need to go to the pharmacy and who would be checking on you anyway? winking smiley
Thanks for the information...they have all since been scheduled-lol! I tend to do that to myself a lot. Next month or whenever they surface again, I will jump on sounds pretty easy.
I am seeking some clarification.

The assignment is, as an unrevealed auditor, to take individual photos of merchandise and prices according to a pre-determined list? I will then upload the photos in an excel file and I will be paid according to how many items I correctly capture and upload.
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