Goodwin cell phone compare shop...$13 total???

Today I saw several assignments for Goodwin involving a large cell phone company. The instructions state that:

"This shop has 1-3 other shops that come with it for XXX competitors. By selecting this shop, you will then be assigned 1-3 other locations (competitors), so that you can give an accurate comparison of each provider on the XXX form - that one must be filled out last)."

The pay states $13. Does this mean that it's $13 for a going to a total of up to 4 stores, or $13 per store? Anyone know? If it's $13 each store I'd consider it, if it's $13 way.

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I would interpret that to be $13 per shop. The way it is worded, they will assign you four shops. Each shop should have its own fee. Nobody would do it and they would have cancellations and flakes right and left if they tried to get four shops for the price of one.

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I accepted 2 of the NON-compare shops that hit the board about the same time as the compare shops. The Non-compares also paid $13 each. The COMPARE shops were snapped up pretty quick. I assumed that the $13 was to shop the location and if assigned other locations each would pay $13.
Let us know. The idea of doing more than one for $13 is appalling. I thought the two NON-compares I did were fairly priced at $13. I wouldn't have added another location unless they paid $13 each.
I would have clarified that with the MSC before signing up for the shop.

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No, you get paid $13.00 each. Once you self assign the shop you write the scheduler they then add two or three competitor shops for you to compare the service or sales.
I didn't see any compare shops but I signed up for several non comparison shops. They seemed pretty straightforward.
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