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I expect if you search on their job board you will see what companies in your area use it. There are other platforms similar to this. I personally find this platform un-handy to use but to each his own.

I pray it does not occur that the last thing I did before I died was vacuum the house or eat broccoli.
The one thing I hate about this company (and I do like them) when they do sen payments it is NEVER listed as "ISecretShop" but rather for some company I have never heard of. I spent a lot of time trying to track down just what the payment was for, which MSC, which shop, etc. Even if the ISecretShop would just use the PayPal sticky note feature that would be so helpful.

Big Ed
Mystery shopping in the Great Smokey & Blue Ridge Mountain ranges of Southern Appalachia (GA, NC, SC, & TN)
I just spoke with the owner (who is very kind and friendly) a few days ago. I'm excited to say that an Android version is on its way (for those of us who don't own iPhones). So excited!! =D
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