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What does it take to get an assignment with Beyond Hello? I have applied for many and never get an assignment. Yesterday I barely got an email about new assignments, hopped on the board and applied. Today they were all given to someone else. This keeps happening over and over for me. How are you supposed to get established with them if they won't give you a shop? I've done a number of different shops with many other companies all of which get rated a 9 or 10. So why is this company so elusive?

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Doesn't happen all the time, but it's definitely not uncommon when you're new to a company. When it's happened to me, I apply for a job that doesn't seem to be as popular, just to get my foot in the door. You could also email the scheduler after applying the next time, and politely ask that they please keep you in mind.
I would love to email a scheduler but I can't seem to find that information. I did look for that. thanks
Well this is interesting. After applying and applying I post this to the forum. I decide to go back in and choose the same assignment different site and just got an email saying I'm approved for the assignment. Very interesting. Well maybe now I can do more for them.
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I have found that their sunglass client shops are not hard to get - they don't pay especially well but I find them fun and the report is not that bad. I just had some luck and was assigned the tool store shop by which you can walk with something up to $20 with full reimbursement - and there are some useful items in the store for under $20 - and this MSC pays like clockwork. This particular shop is a gem to me due to the freebie up to $20 - how many shops are going to offer that these days? But back to the OP - I had to apply and apply and apply to get this shop I consider a gem. Just keep applying and eventually you will get in their door is my advice.
Just keep applying. I applied to another company for years, and I FINALLY got 1 freakin retail shop!
Squireparty, around here the tool store has a 6-month rotation. sad smiley

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The Retail ones for teens and young adults for Beyond Hello are good too. Paid me $20 for a unrevealed audit. There is quite a bit of narratives though in the report (not a ridiculous amount but definitely more than a fast food shop). I like these in that I don't need to buy anything so I don't have my money tied up until payday.

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I've done several of their sunglasses and outlet store shops. The phone shop in IL is always coming through on the emails and I never get assigned fort hat one so I just delete the email. I am not going to get upset about not getting a $4 shop...
I don't like the P/R sunglasses, because I feel bad about those college students thinking they got a sale...
I like their sushi shops - YUM!

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