Troy Dolan

IS anyone having trouble opening the forms for shops for Troy Dolan? I have a shop for today and when I go to look at the form, I am only getting a bunch of pluses and minuses inside a few arrows. I contracted the person that is listed on the bottom of the instructions as well as the company itself but doubt I will get an answer today,
I tried shutting down the computer, trying a different browser but I am still not getting anything. The first day to shop is today, 9/1.
I even thought that maybe I needed to take a quiz, but that does not open anything either.
Any suggestions?

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I had no trouble just yesterday.

Mike T
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Computer-wise, it sounds like it's a site error, but if you haven't done so already, you might want to try clearing out your cache. I've found their schedulers to be good with communication, even on weekends, so perhaps you'll hear back.
I haven't checked this week, but as Nicelytwicely said, their schedulers are very responsive. I also find they are good at rescheduling if needed.

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I cleared my temporary internet files and cookies. I still am unable to get any form. Does anyone have a phone number that I can call and at least leave a message? I sent an email to the scheduler as well as the only place on the home page that would allow me to contact the company. ( That was for potential clients)
Would prefer to be able to have a number for the company and I will get in touch with them on Tuesday.
the name at the bottom says Jennifer
There was a space between Jennifer and scheduler. I sent it without the space and it did not yet come back to me as undeliverable.
I actually tried to open it in another window and it did open. Report finished.
Thanks for all your help
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