Taking Pictures on a Mystery Shop

What are your opinions about shops that require photos? I have seen several competitor shops requiring that several very specific pictures are taken. Has anyone done these? How have you gone about making sure that your cover isn't blown?

Shopping the great state of California!

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Cell phones are super simple to get pictures. To make it a little less obvious also look like you are just texting, turn your volume OFF and go for it. I also then "text" in a different part of the store so it is not super obvious. Follow directions if you need location services ON or OFF on the pictures. Practice elsewhere like the grocery store not on a shop.
Depends on the shop. I had one today where I had to take a pic of the food and restroom. Well, the ladies restroom had been occupied for a while..and the men's door was WIDE open (I could see everything). No one in there of course. I snapped a quick pic. That would have looked a bit strange had someone come walking around the corner.

Sometimes getting the pictures can be tricky. I have twins, so I'm used to fast moving targets if I'm walking by. winking smiley
Just remember to turn the volume and the flash off, when getting the Salsa Bar Picturesmiling smiley

Restroom, not as much, nobody can see you taking the shot...
These are all great suggestions, I have often shied away from doing this as I was afraid that employees start to think that something's up.

Shopping the great state of California!
Just start practicing on non shops. That really is the simplest. Then review your pics at home. You will catch on!
If you get caught taking pics of food like a salsa bar or your food plate, just say you are taking it to post on facebook or to see if someone you know (your child, etc.) wants you to get a to go order for them.

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Menus and menuboards: My wife is home pregnant / broken ankle / pmsing and I'm sending her the menu.
Food: just go for it, the bolder the better. Everyone posts pictures of what they are eating, even if I don't care (yes I'm talking to you!) People are the hardest. If you act like you are up to something, you will be noticed. Get back a bit, you can always crop it later. Raise your phone, and stare intently at the phone screen while you line up. If you keep looking up to see if they are watching you, or make false starts, it will be obvious. If your phone has a front facing camera, take a selfie with your target behind you, and don't forget the duck lips.

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Everyone is picture crazy today. smiling smiley

No matter where you go, everyone seems to be taking shots of things and sending it to their spouse/bf/or facebook page.

I have seen a lot of customers in the store aisles, as they snap a picture and wait for the person to reply: "Do you like the color of these bed sheets?" "Do you want this french vase?" "Do these jeans look cute?" (on and on)

So, to see someone snap a picture of their dinner, (very normal on facebook) and send it, seems normal in 2013smiling smiley
I was doing a bar shop where you are required to take pictures of the specialty drinks. I acted like I wanted to send my daughter a photo. I even put my phone in my guest sight and asked is this how you email it. Playing dumb of course. When the camera went off the staff were running around like squirrels. Light bulbs were being replaced, General Manager, male in the womens bathroom with an employee right behind with a broom. General Manager sorry for lights being out at the bar. Huh? I know I was busted. Won't be self assigning these shops anytime soon.
I also use my daughter as an excuse. I said she's a foodie and away in college. I also turn off the sound and flash. My iPhone5 pictures turn out in most dim lighting, without the flash.

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