Too many scams

Can someone please tell me where I can go to find some Mystery Shopping jobs that don't expect you to sign up for a bunch of magazine 'scripts, foreign language programs, etc? I don't want to have to PAY for a JOB!! missashley

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Dear Ashley there is a website Shadow Shopper. It does require a fee but I have received several jobs and all legitimate. I am still working for some of the companies. There are also some companies like Maritz. They are very nice to work with and so is Corporate Research. I will try to go through a list with you if you would like to email me at I hope this helps because I've been spending hours looking for work from home or jobs like this. Some of the jobs pay really good. And some of them are merchandiser jobs. You know demonstrating products. That pays great. Sincerly Lucy
Try They have paid me promptly and email me with many jobs. Also Cindy
Thank you for this information on secret shoppers. I am very interested and need to know how it works. It is many scams going on, and I do not won't to waits my time.
I did not like my dealings with Shadows. I am not going to pay anybody to do this type work. It pays little enough without having to be a certain type of paid member to get jobs. I did not get any jobs from Shadows but did not like dealings offered.
Funny, I love Shadow Shoppers. As a new MS I signed up for a trial month at $4.99 and I have gotten tons of job opportunities in my email. In fact, I have gone on 3 jobs since I joined and has more than paid the $4.99 fee.

However, I do not think I will continue with Shadow as I have now registered for free with over 50 companies (which were most graciously supplied on this website) and I have no need for Shadow Shopper to find me jobs. I'm not going to lie and say it hasn't been grueling filling out all those apps, but it brings me peace of mind that I have at least attempted to do something good for myself.

I wish people would stop calling Shadow Shoppers a scam operation because that is not the case at all. They are like the Employment Agencies that find jobs for people and the people that get hired either pay the fee or the employer pays it. No big deal and it is not a scam. Sometimes the best jobs come to people that way.

The ones that are scams are the ones that make you click on their advertisers before they get to the meat of what you want and then they want money from you to sign up as a shopper. I don't do that.
I agree I was with Shadow Shoppers it is low price and you get alot of referals and companies to sign up for. I was a member for a month and at the end of that month I had so many jobs and emails that I ran shadow shoppers out of jobs for me in my area. so I dropped them and now I am doing this on my own and I have emails sometimes up to 20 per day. But shadow shoppers is the best way to get started. I only invested 20.00 to them.
I did Shadow Shoppers for two months...... Have had a few jobs but Friday is my last day with them....Since this site i think i can get some on my own now....
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