Anybody knows if MINTEL still is in business?

Great company to work with...but they dropped off the radar. Anyone knows anything?

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Try searching the forum-there is information about them that has been posted fairly recently.

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I am doing a shop for them tomorrow. Have done 4 already this month. Yes, they are alive and kicking.
I went to sign up with them and ran into the international phone number and of course I am blonde so I don't get it. Can someone explain to me what to do maybe I can catch on? I assume they are a good company and would be good to work for. LEt me know and thanks ahead of time.
I am blonde and a member of Mensa. Please do not make any my-race jokes.

Anyway, to answer your question, I recently was paid by Mintel. It was my first assignment for them.
I've not encountered an international phone number. As far as I know they are a Chicago based company. Certainly the folks I interact with seem to be in the Chicago area. As for blonde . . . been one since date of birth, gave up on Mensa long ago as group after group I visited was trite, still have remnants of white out on my computer screen from fixing typos smiling smiley
blondie, just put +1 in front of your area code when you give your phone number. I just signed up with them. Hope they have some shops here. I've heard good things about them. (They are now asking shoppers, when they sign up, to show their phone numbers in the international calling mode .... very confusing.)

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Well I applied we will see what happens. Thanks for the phone number advice that was real helpful.
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