What Restaurants Have Closed in Your Area?

I was just curious about this. In the last few years we have had these restaurants close down in my area:

Two Quizno locations, two Ci-Ci's pizza locations a Boston Market, a Fudruckers and a Burger King (the area by the Burger King was steadily declining, since it lost a grocery store in that plaza).

I was wondering if it was some kind of trend, so I would like to know what restaurants have closed in your area. We still have new restaurants opening, but some can't seem to stay open. We are getting another new Five Guys, a Hot Head Burritos and a Texas Roadhouse over the next few months, but they are all new areas/buildings.

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Ruby Tues, Boston market, Quaker Steak, Perkins, CiCi, many quiznos, Arbys, hardees and numerous others...and Ponderosa OOO KFC too.

However we have gotten some new ones....Dickeys, Ihop....I think some were just poorly managed.

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Applebee's closed about 5 years ago, and the space is still empty....we have had Larsen's steak house open recently, and
other than that, no changes.

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I forgot we also had a KFC and a Ruby Tuesday's close down. It is interesting to already see some of the same ones closed in different areas
Wendy's bit the biscuit here last year along with that coffee company. I can't remember the name for crying out loud. The one that...oh wait..Starbucks!!! That's it.
The majority of the Taco Bells here have closed.

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Living in large city I see some places close BUT if you look to left about a mile down you can see they are building a bigger and better one.
I think the only place that I have seen pop back up is Boston Market but my brother said he still has 2 in his area about 20 min away.
We've had a KFC/A&W combo, Uno's (two of them), Polcari's Italian Restaurant, and Bugaboo Creek steakhouse all close within the last two years.
Arthur Treachers, Long John Silver, Rustler steak house, Nino's steak house, Ponderosa, Caribou Coffee, Big Boys, Country Gardens, George Webb, Brett Favre's restaurant, Ruby Tuesday, TGIF, Applebee's, A&W, Perkins, a ton of little Mom and Pop early day diners-(the kind that open at 6am, close at 2pm) Those were the best places for breakfast-everything was made in house, fresh daily.
Quiznos are always closing, everywhere. I was bored one day and googled it. Apparently Quiznos doesn't treat their franchisees very well. It's a shame because I love their subs and the nearest one is an hour away.

We had a Red Lobster close. I was shocked, as this location was always busy. It's been vacant for a year now. We also had a Perkins close.
Boulder Creek closed, BUT Applebees is expanding like crazy all over and owned by one franchisee, AppleMetro and they are not shopped.
Romano's Macaroni Grill, Fox Sports Bar and Grill, Chevy's, Legal Seafood, and a while ago: Rainforest Café, Bennigan's, Red Robin
Ditto to Quiznos (they were a hot thing around here a few years ago, but I think there might be only one left in the area). Ruby Tuesday and Hooters closed here quite awhile ago, a Longhorn Steakhouse just closed recently, and another "casual-dining-place-of-the-moment" closed, but I can't recall the name of it. We had a Hardees right around the corner from us, but that closed, along with another location. We only have one left in town, which is too bad 'cuz if you're gonna eat FF, Hardees is a good place!

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This seems like a good place for stock tips...either to buy (Applebees and Five Guys???) and to sell...maybe Quiznos and KFC. Insider trading by mystery shoppers.
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