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If any one is having a problem getting paid by this company II'm sure others would like to know about it.

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I have heard they are having real financial problems and are behind on payments.I've been offered some jobs from them,but I turned them down.I can't afford to do jobs and not get paid(on time).I'm not sure why are offering jobs if they can't pay their shoppers.I have also heard they are a honest company and you will eventually get paid.But I don't think most shoppers can afford to wait on payments--the bills keep coming.

Good-luck ...
Do a search here, and on the volition forum. YOu will see plenty of people's experiences.

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I just joined this forum (recommended) to see if anyone else was like me...not getting paid for shop(s) completed w/Freeman Group. I did a hotel shop in February, 2009. As of this writting, I STILL have not been paid. It was suggested I send them a certified letter, which I have drafted. I have asked for my payment within 30 days of their receipt of it. I've NEVER had a problem with ANY of the 2 dozen or more companies I mystery shop for. I feel this Freeman Group is just plain BAD news!! If it's the client not paying them in a timely manner, then, dang it, STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH THAT CLIENT!
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